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Yesterday's story

inspires today's design


To grow is to courageously walk the distance that separates us from the future. Franco Romagnoli knew this well back in 1968, when he combined ambition with a guarantee for the future, and created the brand that still bears his name today. Franco is far-sighted and invests in himself and the younger generation.

Romagnoli's work starts with the Made in Italy craft tradition and pursues a single goal: perfection in children's footwear. Passion, selection of materials, and attention to workmanship and finishing create the right shoe for our little ones. An ideal shoe to accompany them into the future, made with the same care as mum and dad provide.

This is how the story begins of a company that started out in the Marche region and managed to conquer the foreign market season after season, year after year, while a reminder of the link with its origins is in the logo. The tree with the little shoes instead of roots is the symbol of a story moving forward, but with respect for the past and awareness of the future.

After Franco, who passed away in 1997, his sons led Romagnoli into the new millennium. Thus, the brand continues to keep pace with a changing international reality and market, without losing sight of its origins.

Today it is entrepreneur Tonino Ciannavei, at the helm since 2005, who continues to combine know-how with innovation, in line with the principles that inspired the founder and transmits the heritage and corporate culture represented by the shoes themselves, perfecting the brand's impact.

Romagnoli believes that the feet of the new generations should be fitted with shoes that are strictly Made in Italy, made only from high-quality materials and the skills of experienced craftsmen. Shoes designed for the well-being of the little feet that will wear them, but also designer wear because, if it is true that fashion is a game, even children are allowed to play with it!

Synchrony between

tradition and innovation


We cherish those ancient values that we have inherited, because for us fashion has the same substance as the precious combination of tradition and innovation. The evolution of the company's historical identity is in fact based on the concept of craftsmanship, not only as a guarantee of quality over time, but also as an unavoidable ideal that takes shape in shoes.

The need to create one-of-a-kind footwear, through a heterogeneous mix of what is new and what is known, makes use of a careful choice of materials and a scrupulous production process, always keeping an eye on international design trends and proposals. The result is creations that retain all the beauty of the handmade and introduce a new concept of sophistication, which is also linked to the physiological well-being of children's feet.

he colour palette, fine leathers and strict canons of comfort come together in novel combinations that accentuate creative flair and craftsmanship. Each collection aims to be a benchmark for those who appreciate the aesthetic and quality standards of Made in Italy, and the international market has been won over.

The value of a product is measured in economic terms, but even more so in terms of its success with customers. We have created footwear for the men and women of the future that condenses the teachings of accurate art in a contemporary, luxury key, thus charting a new course in style.

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